About Us

Every website has an ‘About us’ page, it might be called ‘our mission’ ‘our history’ or ‘our story’, but there is nearly always one there. So with that in mind I sat down to write about our beer, the carefully chosen ingredients we use, the care that goes into our recipes and our brews, and the wonderful team that makes us ‘Us’. 

My motto in life is ‘ask for forgiveness not permission’ so I hope anyone reading this forgives me for the lack of actual beer related content (there is plenty of that in the rest of the website)  and the focus on the ‘Us’ bit. 
Parkway Brewing Company is an independent brewery run by family and friends. A job is not work when you get to do things you love. So when we began our journey in 2018 I had two ambitions:
1. To make beer that people love 2. To create a place where everyone loves their job
Both these ambitions have been realised to an extent, but we will never stop striving to improve on both.

The brewery is located in the historical market town of Somerton, right in the heart of the Somerset levels. Parkway is the name of the road where there once stood a pet shop called Palmers. Palmers was like a zoo with everything from Talking Parrots to Cheeky Monkey’s for sale, their customers included Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin, who both sought out the shop to buy kittens. From the stories I read about the place it was full of noise, fun and excitement, exactly the ingredients I wanted to put into our brewery.

Every one of us at the brewery has worked within the beer industry for years, we are enthusiastic about what we do and dedicated to producing an exciting variety of craft ales for you to enjoy. 


01458 897240

Unit 11,
Wessex Park,
Somerton Business Park,
Bancombe Road,
TA11 6SB