Warrior Princess

Favourite Parkway beer and why: 

A bit about me: I have only ever had jobs that involve alcohol in some way or other! I love a good night in the pub. 

The best thing about working at Parkway: I like everyone I work with, oh and the team parties are good. In all honesty though this is my second choice of job as I have always wanted to be a spy. 


The Chief of Beer

Favourite Parkway beer and why: Golden Macaw because Cascade and Columbus are my two favourite hops and I think they come together for a refreshing easy to drink pint.

A bit about me: I have been brewing for 15 years, since I left school

The best thing about working at Parkway: The Team






Brewery Model

Favourite Parkway Beer: Norwegian Blue, it’s highly quaffable, a lovely amber colour and my Dad and I love the name.

A Bit About Me: I have been brewing for about 5 years now, having previously worked setting up and running pubs in London and Shropshire. I’ve spent plenty of time on both sides of the bar learning about beer!

Best Thing About Working At Parkway: Being part of a small, friendly and passionate team where everyone’s opinion is valued. There’s also a pretty good sandwich shop just down the road.


Hoptomist Solutionist AKA Brewery Sales

Favourite Parkway beer and why: Beaky Blinder, As a Co-Founder, and Master sampler this golden ale is my firm favourite. The Japanese Sorachi Ace hop gives this ale a fantastic smooth finish, and is a pleasure to drink.(it goes surprisingly well with sushi).

A bit about me: Having been a publican for more than 15 Years, it was time to sit at the other side of the bar again. I think I know a thing or 2 about real ale.

Best thing working for Parkway: The fresh sandwich shop is only a minute walk away, and that Parkway Brewery has given me the opportunity to talk about my hobby all day long !!


Account Manager & Head paperclip shuffler

Known to friends as DB.

Favourite Parkway beer and why: Norwegian blue, as l like a more traditional ale, I’m not a great fan of light hoppy beers, Actually porters and stouts are my preferred tipple.  

A bit about me: Male. Middle aged.love beer. Have the beer belly to prove it.

After brewing at a small brewery here in the south west for 5 years then moving into sales and marketing, I get great pleasure from looking after our customers.

The best thing about working at Parkway: The smell of freshly brewed beer, oh and the team are quite nice as well.


Whatever is needed from me

Favourite Parkway Beer: Giggle and Titter because it always makes people laugh when they read the bedge when I’m delivering it.

The Best thing about working at Parkway: The people, and the feeling of working as part of a family business

A bit about me:
I was landlord and chef for 17 years, recently retired from that to work with my close friends. Ex rugby player as I’m too broken nowadays to keep playing. I like to go out and socialise and play in a couple of darts teams, I enjoy a bit of DIY at the weekends but I’m a jack of all trades master of none. Can often be found underwater scuba diving whenever I can.


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