Welcome to The New Website

The parrot has flown the roost and we’ve finally got our new website off the ground – all be it as a work in progress.

As you can see there’s lot of exciting feather brained ideas in the off including our new bottle shop and beer delivery service. We’ve redesigned our beers section to give you all the nitty gritty details of your favourite beers and are looking forward to blogging to let you know more of the crazy things that go on when you decide running a brewery really is your calling in life.

We’re really excited to be venturing into the digital world of selling beer online and are really looking forward to being able to deliver fresh beer to any location in the UK within the next few months…..we are just waiting for those pesky licensing people to finish making us jump through lots of legal hoops….(If you pesky licensing people are reading this we are only teasing we promise).

Our developer has also had a little fun with the website and there are two Easter eggs (maybe we should call them parrot eggs) hidden on the site – have fun finding them and let us know when you do! There’s a special reward for finding one of them – if you need a help contact us on social media and we’ll give you a clue. Speaking of which……

We’ve also just launched our social media profiles and are clawing our way into 21st century connectivity – though whether we will ever get our head brewer posting on the site I don’t know……we’ll keep badgering away at him.

You can follow us here:

Instagram – ParkwayBrewing

Twitter – @ParkwayBrewing

Facebook – /ParkwayBrewing

We’ll be running some exciting promos and competitions in the coming months on our social profiles so stay tuned in for more info on these and feel free to give us any feedback on the website or anything else you’d like to see us doing. We are keen to bring you lots of inside the brewery news so you can see our day to day and the amazing fun we have making your beer.

For now, from all of us here at Parkway we’ll just say welcome to the new website and have fun!


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